For today, it‘s again Eïs, this time with their album Kainsmal. Back then, they performed under the name Geïst.

It‘s a much earlier album than yesterday‘s recommendation, which is audible by the much rawer sound. None the less, it‘s a fantastic album with the typical Eïs atmosphere.

Of course, all tracks are perfect in their spot and I wouldn‘t change a single thing, however Lykoi and Kainsmal are my favorite tracks. The latter is ending with Nietzsche‘s famous poem Der Freigeist (also known as Vereinsamt), spoken by Klaus Kinski. It‘s last words won‘t get out of your head, once you hear them:

Weh‘ dem, der keine Heimat hat


Woe to he who has no home

Quick Facts

  • Genre: Melodic Black Metal
  • 6 tracks, 37 minutes
  • Released 2006