Since the beginning of the corona virus pandemic, me and my co-workers are mainly working from home. We‘ve had some full time remote employees before, however most of us were used to working in an office environment, having colleagues around, and all that comes with it such as a chat in the kitchen.

To compensate for the missing exchange between employees, the company scheduled a daily meeting where we‘re chatting about mostly non-work related topics. A few days ago, a co-worker asked me for an album recommendation, and of course I‘ve had one for them.

Since then, I share an almost daily album recommendation with my peers, including some short information about the artist and the album. Because this might not only be of interest for my co-workers, I‘ve decided to share these recommendations on the blog. All recommendations are filed under the tag album-of-the-day.

My musical taste is kind of weird and hard to describe. The basic taste is metal, however I‘m also a fan of classical music, especially symphonies (Brahms, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, etc.). Metal-wise I prefer the heavier sub-genres like Black- and Death Metal, particularly with melodic and symphonic influences. Exceptions prove the rule.