One of my favorite sub-genres is Icelandic black metal. I know, not everyone likes these fine-grained sub-genres, however there is something special about these Icelandic bands and their music. For today, I recommend the album Algleymi by Misþyrming (pronunciation: ​/ˈmɪːsˌθɪrmiŋk/).

It‘s a great example of the typical melancholy present in Icelandic black metal, which makes me love it so much. Combined with the black metal feeling of losing yourself between growling vocals and endless riffs, this is the perfect music for a deep dive into your own thoughts.

Although some parts stand out, it‘s not possible for me to name a favorite song, it‘s the sum of all songs, that makes this album great.

Quick Facts

  • Genre: (Icelandic) black metal
  • 8 songs, 46 minutes
  • Released 2019