I’m a passionate software developer from Germany and a full-time nerd. I enjoy reading and implementing RFCs, cooking, listening to metal 🤘 and playing some (retro) games. Additionally I’m really addicted to tidiness which may be related to my perfectionism.

By day, I’m a .NET backend developer (as of now still on Windows) working at an ISP where I develop backend services (email, cloud, calendar, etc.) and enhance our platform’s architecture.
By night, I sometimes write code as well – preferably in golang on Linux.

This blog should mainly become a place where I can rantwrite about various software topics and dump some other thoughts. Let’s see how this works out.


Feel free to contact me via email: lukas@kolletzki.me. If you want to encrypt your message, use this key with the fingerprint 6677 62B2 9A13 740D 3B58 E2E5 6AA7 AA02 A4BD C69C.